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Electrical Power System Solutions for New Construction & Tenant Improvements

Cannon Companies leverage over five decades of employee experience in both commercial and industrial electrical services.
Whether Design-Build or Bid-Build, CCI is a single source provider for all electrical and technology design, construction, service and maintenance needs.

Turn-Key Services Including:

  • Medium & High Voltage Electrical
  • Aerial and Underground Electrical Transmission Systems and Equipment
  • Aerial and Underground Electrical Distribution Systems and Equipment
  • Certified Medium Voltage Cable Splicers
  • Excavation & Trenching
  • Directional Drilling
  • Transformers & Switchgear
  • Building Power Systems
  • CCTV & Access control
  • New & TI Construction
  • Site Electrical Distribution
  • Site Lighting
  • Electrical Service Equipment
  • Emergency Backup Power Systems
  • Electrical Distribution Equipment
  • Feeder and Branch Circuit Wiring
  • Lighting Systems and Controls
  • Low Voltage Control Systems
  • Pathways for Low Voltage Contractors