Safety Program

We Believe

Safety, quality and production are tightly connected and go hand-in-hand at Cannon. We believe that you cannot have one without the others. In order to have projects done more predictably and without injury, we focus on safety and quality to complete projects on-time and without incident the first time.

Safety > Production:

Safety will not be compromised at Cannon Companies. Our safety program is among the most progressive in the industry. Our safety program and performance allows us to work in facilities that many of our competitors are unable to access because we are able to meet the stringent safety requirements.

Our unique safety initiatives are so successful because we recognize that each project is unique. We have developed a job safety analysis system that identifies potential hazards and provides safe solutions before they occur.

We also believe in keeping our employees safe. They are our greatest asset, and we are on the leading edge in training our people in the industry. Our entire team participates in daily morning stretches and weekly safety stand downs. We believe that a well-trained, skilled team, including office staff, will assure the best work environment and top-notch results.