Services Employed:

  • Trench and install 6 and 12 way conduit system (400 LF)
  • Excavate and install communication and power maintenance vaults
  • Demo existing duct bank (250 LF)
  • Trench and install ground wire ( 400 LF)
  • Install 9x Maxcell (1200 LF)Install 144sm fiber
  • Install 600 pair copper


  • Set generator (350KW)
  • Set ATS
  • Lighting
  • Vault lighting
  • Special system (pathway for fire alarm and sprinklers)
  • Install main distribution panel frame
  • Wire and terminate devices (AHU, specialty receptacles, occupancy censors etc.)
  • Install new medium voltage transformer, switch, new conductors, and tie into existing power plant (15KV 4-way switch, 500KVA switch, and 2500 KVA switch)
  • Perform all required testing and back-up documentation


  • Install ladder tray (740 LF)
  • Splice and test fiber and copper
  • Install floor mount cabinet (24 each)
  • Install, terminate, and test CAT 6 cable