Westlake Metropolitan Tower

Installed new backbone and horizontal cabling to support 350 units in the complex.  All cabling installed, tested, terminated and labeled in accordance with current industry and century link standards.

Services Employed:

  •  A new backbone single mode cable was routed from the MPOP to each of the 12 locations.
  • The backbone cable distributed 12 strands to each IDF to support a copper gigabit switch.
  • From the IDF locations, a new cat5e cable was installed through existing duct to the smart panel located in each apartment unit.
  • The cable was terminated using a patch panel in the IDF and a modular plug at the smart terminal.
  • Both the fiber patch panel and the copper patch panel was installed in a wall rack, which is also supporting the switch.
  • The rack was grounded to the existing building grounding system.
  • A new rack was installed in the MPOE to support the fiber termination of the backbone cabling and the installation of a main core switch to run the IDFs.


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