Manchester Fuel Depot

Cannon Companies provided a new SF-6 motorized switch when tied into the incoming power from the utility managed the entire distribution system for the base tying together another five way switch and three transformers along with the four main circuits that branched out to feed the base , from the three new transformers we installed a new set of raceways to feed the  main panel and several sub panels in building 12.

All of the raceways were built using rigid conduit overhead using about 4000 feet of conduit that first came from the transformers into 800,600 and 400 amp disconnects that we installed per contract to provide a safe easy way to manage their system.

One of the main challenges of this project was getting all the systems to work together with the back up generator in event of utility power loss to back feed the entire base and keep it running at normal operating levels. The other main challenge was working in a fueling area where the atmosphere was consider hazardous and energized at most all times providing unique challenges on a daily basis.

Services Employed:

  • Provide and build a new incoming distribution system
  • Re build and update the inner electrical system for building 12 the main pump building for pier fueling operations
  • Bring up to date and code building 12 as a class 1 Div 2 location
  • Provide and install new generator switch gear
  • Demo of existing interior and exterior switch houses and transformers duct banks and existing interior raceways along with removal of existing generator switch gear

Equipment provided and installed:

  • Install 4” RGS – 250’
  • SF-6 motorized switch
  • 2. Five-way non motorized switch
  • 750,500 and 350 kva transformers
  • Overhead manually operated gang switch
  • Overhead stainless steel fused cutouts
  • Deadbreak and loadbreak elbows and terminations

Equipment provided and installed:

  • 800,600, and 400 amp fused disconnects
  • Several thousand feet of underground pvc duct bank
  • 1200 amp generator switch gear and ATS
  • 4000 thousand feet of rigid conduit
  • 3000 feet of #2 primary cable and 2000 feet of secondary wire


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