JBLM Electric Lines

Cannon Companies provided new pole installation to support over a mile of double 3 phase circuits with 336 ACSR conductors from Substation to cutover for VA Hospital. Under the scope of this contract Cannon completed the demolition of 6,150’ of pole line, with approx. 11,800’ of existing primary conductor. Cannon provided a complete functional overhead pole line installation approx. 6,150’ per plans and specs, conforming to requirements of IEEE C2 for Grade B construction of overhead lines in medium loading districts and this work was performed on or near existing live primary electrical transmission and distribution lines in accordance with NFPA 70 for overhead services.  Cannon provided all labor and material required to construct, make connections into existing systems, testing, and perform excavating, backfilling, and other incidental labor.

Services Employed:

  • New installation included 47 – Class 1 and H Class poles;
  • 36,975’ of #336 ACSR Merlin Conductor
  • 6,100’ of #4/0 ACSR aerial ground
  • Over 6000’ of aerial 12 strand fiber with terminations for SCADA ready system
  • Over 1400’ of duct and risers
  • Two SF6/5 way/13,800v/600amp Deadbreak/fully SCADA ready/ pad mount switches
  • 5370’ of 15KV MV-105 conductor with terminations
  • Overhead gang switches; and all other associated terminations, switches, splices and connectors required for a fully functional system.


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