East Park Phase 2

Site is 88 new lots in East Bremerton.  Site is located on a hillside and had to go during the wet months of the season.  We implemented dewatering tanks to ensure no turbid water left the site.   Sewer tie in at the deepest point exceeded 17 feet deep.  We deployed a 400 excavator to handle the depths and shoring apparatuses to ensure protection of our employee’s.

Services Employed:

  • Mass excavation 4500 cubic yards
  • 14 sewer structures
  • 2600 feet of 8” sewer mainline
  • 2100 feet of 6” side sewers
  • 49 storm structures
  • 3,600 feet of new storm mainline
  • 2100 feet of new water main
  • 6 new fire hydrants
  • 67,000 square feet of new asphalt
  • 4,000 square feet of new concrete