Shadow Fax Plat

Site is located in Silverdale.  Cleared and graded 6 acres.  Site had a unique requirement since it was next to an old land fill it required that a methane barrier and wall be built to ensure the safety of the future tenants.   The site also had a large elevation change in the middle creating some erosion control challenges that were mitigated by our on staff CESCL.

Services Employed:

  • Mass excavation 3500 sq ft
  • Well Decommissioning
  • Septic Decommissioning
  • Demolition of existing structure onsite
  • 4 Sewer structures and 1700’ of new mainline
  • 24 Storm structures and 2500’ of new storm line
  • 6,500 cubic yard storm retention pond
  • 46,000 square feet of new asphalt
  • 9,000 square feet of new concrete