Sea Ranch Connect | Cannon Communications

The Sea Ranch community Internet service, Sea Ranch Connect, will be a state of the art fiber
network designed to deliver reliable speeds to every residence in the community. The network is
designed as an active Ethernet solution with scalability to provide competitive Internet speeds far into
the future. Construction efforts on the Sea Ranch community fiber network are underway and are
expected to finish in spring of 2017. GigabitNow expects the roll-out of home fiber Internet services
to begin in late 2016, adding the northern California community to its family of community fiber
connectivity projects across the west coast of the United States.

Services Employed: 

  • 296,000 foot of mainline trench – 56 miles
  • 406,000 foot of duct in trench – 77 miles
  • 1,664 hand holes or splice vaults
  • 181,000 foot of conduit to the house – 34 miles
  • 432,000 foot of backbone fiber – 82 miles
  • 1,425,000 foot of house drop fiber – 269 miles
  • 1450 on contract for home installation
  • Construction of 2 data centers to service over 2280 lots and businesses