Aerial/Scissor Lift Training

Course Length: 4 hours

This half day Aerial/Scissor Lift training program covers laws and standards related to aerial lift operation, daily lift and area inspection, stability, key components, fall protection requirements and use, traveling, refueling/recharging, platforms/buckets, gates, understanding capacity charts, and dealing with wind and electrical hazards.

Per federal and state regulations, aerial/scissor operators are required to re-take the practical operating evaluation every 36 months to become re-qualified.

Topics to include:

  • Maintenance and inspections
  • Limitations and lift characteristics
  • How to operate and vehicle stability
  • Jobsite operations
  • Refueling
  • How to handle different loads
  • Operating on slope or hills
  • Safe operating procedures as per manufacturers recommendation
  • Capacity requirements
  • Minimum Safe Approach Distance to power lines
  • Load charts and capacity charts
  • Overhead clearances
  • Fall Protection requirements
  • Full function hands-on test
  • Pre-shift inspection
  • Emergency procedures

OSHA Standards: This course meets the following OSHA standards:

  • 1926, Subpart L – Scaffolds
  • 1926.21 – Safety Training and Education
  • 1926.451 – General Requirements
  • 1926.452 – Additional Requirements to Specific Types of Scaffolds
  • 1926.453 – Aerial Lifts
  • 1926.454 – Training Requirements
  • 1926.501, 502 – Duty to have Fall Protection
  • 1926.556 – Aerial Lifts

Aerial/Scissor Lift Training

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