Simon Romero, MA, CSP, CHST

Highest Recommendation!!!
I recently attended the 24 hour fall protection class in Fife, WA. I have been in construction for over 30 years and in safety the past 12. In that time, I have endured numerous trainings and I was expecting more of the same. I was questioning my bosses decision to have me travel from Southern California to Washington for fall prevention training. I was pleasantly surprised. Suzie and Jack presented the class and offered a wealth of information. However, it was in the delivery of the material that sets them apart. Suzie is an instructor made from a different mold. She is dynamic, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable. She offered real world scenarios that were practical, yet thought provoking. She was eclectic in her teaching style which fostered an atmosphere of learning and participation. Jack was extremely knowledgeable with the hands on rescue training portion of the class which may have been the most important part of the curriculum. Suzie and Jack compliment one another throughout the class which kept us on our toes. Lastly, the class provided me with practical knowledge that I could take back to my work site and implement. I highly recommend this training for anyone looking to up their fall protection program.
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