Proven Track Record

I’m writing today to let you know about my overall satisfaction with the products and services
provided by Cannon Companies. Infrastructure improvement projects are notorious for throwing
contractors ‘curve balls’ and Cannon’s team has proven exceptional at identifying, adapting and
responding to them including dealing with the underground utilities not identified by the locate
services and the coordination required for road closures on a military base all with the result of
keeping the project on-time and on-budget.

I appreciate the cohesiveness of the teams and crews dedicated to ensuring our project was done
right. From groundbreaking to final site review, each and every person assigned to this project by
Cannon has gone the extra mile to make sure the project is an overwhelming success.

It is based on this track record of proven results that I recommend Cannon as a contractor and look
forward to working together again on future projects.

My congratulations to the entire Cannon Team for a job very well done.

-Scott | Pacific NICC JV LLC | McChord, WA

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