Thanks so much!
I have seen multiple other contractors work over the years and wanted to tell you that your company and the personnel that have been involved on the project at JBLM have been nothing but stellar. The workmanship and attention to detail and safety has been some of the best I have seen. Your company and crews attitude towards their work and this project has been some of the best I have worked with. What I have witnessed from your crew members for me is beyond just company this speaks to a persons character. Thank you again for the commitment to excellences in workmanship and safety. I have been in the construction industry for almost forty years. I am the son of a contractor and was raised on construction sites. Over the years you will work with an individual here and there that is a stand up person but the difference for me is your whole team has been and that is rare. I have worked construction projects from residential, commercial, Industrial and federal. I was a General Building and General Engineering Contractor for 30 years. I have worked in several different states. I have been a QCM full time now for 7 years on federal military projects. -Gary
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