DMCI – Pine Street Plat

Clearing and grubbing of entire (5) acre site for apartment buildings, garages, rec center, playground, sidewalks, and all utility work.

Mass excavation to include; creation of construction entrance and fencing, excavation and backfilling for all footings (21 apartment buildings and garages), slabs, all retaining walls, grading for all on site sidewalks and roadways per plans and specs, provide and install footings, downspouts, and yard drains per plans and spec, provide and install domestic fire, water, sewer, power lines, upkeep of erosion control, demolition of (13) trees and (4) existing manholes, obtaining of all permits and tests required by the city and state of Washington.

Services Employed:

  • Clearing and grubbing of entire (5) acre site
  • Plat Work for:
    • 21 apartment buildings and garages
    • Recreation center
    • Playground
    • Sidewalks
    • All Utility Services




Tacoma, WA | OSP