EM385-1-1 Competent Person Training (24 Hour)

Course Length: 24 hours (3 Days)

Cannon Companies Fall Protection 24-Hour Competent Person course ensures that a student will receive all the proper training pursuant to OSHAs requirement of Competent Persons for this standard 29 CFR 1926.500. In addition, topics and requirements are presented per EM 385-1-1. This course will go beyond the basic awareness level of introductory courses and into details necessary when learning not just how to protect yourself, but what it takes to initiate a program and create a safe working environment for those you may be responsible for at your place of employment. This 3-Day hands on training course requires participants to wear the appropriate PPE to be able to participate in the hands-on training.

The course will consist of 16 hours classroom and 8 hours of hands-on practical exercise. Our Milton, Washington (WA) location is close to a number of hotels and there are plenty of amenities for our out of town visitors to enjoy during their stay.

Required Materials For Class:
1. Fall Protection Harness (if you have one you use please bring it with you for inspection & proper donning)
2. Gloves, Boots, Shirt with Sleeves, Long Pants, Hard Hat, Safety Vest, Safety Glasses.
3. Laptop Computer. A homework assignment will be given.

This 3-Day training course includes in class, physical demonstrations and practical hands on activities. Students will learn how to inspect, install, assemble, and use the fall protection equipment. Training shall include inspecting the Fall Protection simulators and systems prior to use, installation, component compatibility, estimating free fall distances, total required clearance, dismantling, storage, and the common hazards associated with each system and component.

This class is specifically designed to meet ANSI 359.2, Chapter 296-500, 296-880 WAC and the new 2014 EM-385-1-1 standard which requires 24 hours of training to include at least 8 hours of hands on activities. The EM-385-1-1 (2014) will come into full effect 18 months from November 2014.

“A competent person is defined by OSHA as a designated person with sufficient experience and/or knowledge to recognize fall hazards, correct unsafe conditions, and who has the ability to shut down the work site until any hazards are corrected. The competent person should be the most knowledgeable person, in this case about fall protection, on site.”

Who Should Attend: This course is for anyone that will be required to manage a safety program, or responsible to be the on-site competent person. Safety Managers, Safety Directors, On-site Managers, Supervisors, Section Leads, Responsible Persons. “Note: Participants in this class must be able to speak, read, and write in English in a proficient manner. If they are not able, they may not successfully complete the class, and Cannon Companies and the instructor take no responsibility for in-completion.”

Certification: Upon successful course completion, including demonstration of skills competency on all learning stations and passing the required skills test , and written test. Students must score 80% or greater to pass. Each student will receive a free pair of mandatory trauma straps; as required per EM 385-1-1. A Competent Person Fall Protection course certificate, and wallet card valid for two years.

The course topics include:

  • Fundamentals of Fall Protection
  • Anchorage Requirements
  • Energy Absorbing Lanyards
  • Function and Purpose of Energy Absorbers
  • Fall Protection Hardware Compatibility
  • Work Positioning Systems
  • Inspecting Fall Protection Systems
  • Installing Fall Protection Systems
  • Calculating Required Clearances
  • Selecting Fall Protection System Components
  • Hierarchy of Fall Protection
  • Conventional Fall Protection (Guarding Systems)
  • Installation and use of trauma-strap hardware
  • Standards and Regulations Affecting the Fall Protection Industry
  • Recognizing and Identifying Fall Hazards
  • Common Commercially Available Fall Arrest Systems
  • Donning a Full Body Harness
  • Self-Retracting Lifelines
  • Vertical Lifelines
  • Horizontal Lifelines
  • Engineered Horizontal Lifelines
  • Fall Protection Plans and Fall Protection Procedures
  • Detailed Inspection, Care and Maintenance
  • Fall Arrest and Restraint Systems
  • Fall Protection Regulations (OSHA) and Fall Protection Standards (ANSI)
  • Arc-Flash Fall Protection Awareness as per NFPA 70E




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